Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Heidi Alexander Could Support Homeopathy on the NHS

15th September 2015

The radical left-winger would consider ploughing stretched NHS resources into providing pills which have no proven effect, despite the fact that many trusts are struggling to pay for life-saving cancer drugs. 

The new Labour leader is a self-confessed fan of homeopathy, which has been disproved as a medical treatment time and time again by scientific studies. 

His second-in-command, John McDonnell, is also a huge supporter of the plant-based treatments and has championed the homeopathist cause in parliament.  (See Here)

Now the new shadow health secretary, Heidi Alexander, has hinted that the party would look at prescribing homeopathic treatments on the NHS if it wins power in 2020.

She said: "I know lots of people who know about benefits of homeopathy. I know my own parents are great believers in homeopathy.

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